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Facit Data Systems

CCTV redaction software for compliance and business solutions

CCTV redaction software.
Facit enables you to resolve business challenges with your CCTV system and meet compliance requirements with CCTV redaction software.

CCTV redaction software for compliance and business solutions

CCTV redaction software plays a crucial role in compliance and business solutions by ensuring privacy, security and adherence to strict regulations when handling video footage.

CCTV is valuable for monitoring safety, maintaining security, and for the prevention and investigation of crimes. 

However, cameras are indiscriminate in so far that they record everything within view, which presents a risk of privacy breaches.

CCTV redaction software is essential to protect people’s privacy rights, notably when video footage is shared with third parties, shown on media outlets or presented as evidence in court.

Personally identifiable information (PII) is protected under national and regional regulations such as GDPR (UK, Europe) and the Freedom of Information Act (USA).

Automated CCTV video redaction software.

CCTV redaction software helps you manage data

With many millions of cameras in the UK and around the world, a huge amount of data is captured continuously on video footage. Not all of the data is relevant for the purpose it is being recorded; organisations find that they hold too much PII.

Millions of people are recorded going about their daily business who have no relevance to the matter in hand: be it monitoring security, road safety, crime detection or incident analysis.

People naturally have concerns about being under constant surveillance and about their privacy being invaded. However, there will also be data captured on CCTV that helps to solve crimes, find a missing person, or identify the emergence of a potentially dangerous situation in crowded locations such as on roads, in airports and train stations, and leisure venues.

CCTV redaction software enables CCTV operators to balance the requirement to protect people’s privacy rights with the operator’s need to capture important data associated with people’s welfare.

Choosing the right CCTV redaction software for your business

Here are some key features and considerations for CCTV redaction software:

  1. Automated redaction
    Look for software that can automatically blur or mask faces, licence plates, and other PII in video footage. Automated redaction saves time, reduces processing costs, and ensures reliable compliance across all video footage.

  2. Manual editing tools
    Manual video editing tools are impracticable for redacting complex videos or large volumes of video footage. They can however be useful for fine-tuning redaction, and manual editing functions are included in some auto-redaction software tools.

  3. Compliance with regulations
    Ensure that the software complies with relevant regulations such as GDPR in the UK and Europe and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act in the United States. Compliance with regulations is critical for avoiding legal issues and large fines.

  4. Metadata handling
    The CCTV redaction software must be able to handle metadata appropriately, by ensuring that sensitive information is not inadvertently exposed through metadata associated with video files.

  5. Audit trails and access control
    Look for features that provide audit trails to track who accesses and edits video footage. Access control mechanisms should restrict access to authorised personnel.

  6. Integration capabilities
    Consider CCTV redaction software that integrates seamlessly you’re your installed CCTV systems or video management platforms. Integration simplifies workflows, ensures compatibility with your current infrastructure, and ultimately keeps costs low.

  7. Scalability
    Choose CCTV redaction software that can scale according to your needs, whether you are a small business with a few cameras or a large enterprise with extensive surveillance networks.

    Ensure that you select a solution that enables you to flex if you suddenly have to process larger amounts of video footage; for example, when there is a spike in subject access requests (SARs).

  8. Training and support
    Look for providers that offer comprehensive training and support to ensure that your team are comfortable using the redaction software and able to use it to best advantage.

  9. Cost-effectiveness
    Evaluate the cost of the software, and consider both upfront licensing fees and ongoing maintenance costs. Ensure that the benefits outweigh the expenses and that the software provides a return on investment

  10. User-friendly interface
    A user-friendly interface is crucial for efficient use of the CCTV redaction software. Choose a solution with an intuitive interface that minimises the learning curve for your team.

It is essential to evaluate each redaction software option based on your specific requirements, video footage volumes, SARs volumes and budgets.

Automated CCTV redaction software is a cost-effective business solution

Facit enables commercial businesses and public bodies around the world to process video footage compliantly.

Identity Cloak is an AI-powered CCTV redaction software solution that enables CCTV operators to process video footage quickly, compliantly and cost-effectively.

The benefits of AI-powered automated redaction software include:

  • Reduced processing time: Redact video in minutes not hours.

  • Reduced staff costs: AI automation eliminates the hours humans take to redact.

  • Assured privacy: Reliable data redaction: faces, license plates, all PII.

  • Improved accuracy: Consistent redaction and the elimination of human error.

  • Ethical CCTV operations: The public values the fact that their privacy is safeguarded.

If you would like to learn more about your CCTV video redaction and business solution options, please get in touch.

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