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Facit Data Systems
Identity Cloak by Facit

AI-powered video redaction software for busy teams

Complete every CCTV and bodycam footage request on time. Stay compliant with your local privacy regulations.
Trusted by organisations across 17 countries to securely and quickly redact video footage
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Identity Cloak video redaction software

Complete footage redaction faster

Even if you need to redact fast-moving people, low-quality files or footage recorded in crowded spaces

Average processing time: 30 minutes

Our video redaction software has processed over 7,000 videos for our customers. On recommended hardware, it takes them 30 minutes or less to redact one video file.
  • 1

    Import and trim footage

  • 2

    Set up redaction settings

  • 3

    Run autotracking

  • 4

    Review redacted footage and export it

Powerful automations for video footage redaction

Software features you need to quickly process CCTV, bodycam and dashcam videos

Easy video import, even for proprietary player footage

  • MP4 and AVI support, audio import

  • Built-in screen recorder to convert footage

  • Fully integrated with Milestone VMS

Customisable redaction settings

  • Full body, face and licence plate blur modes

  • Customisable shape, size and transparency across modes

  • Adjustable speed and number of keyframes used

Automatic redaction and tracking

  • Full screen and object blur modes

  • Auto tracking for licence plates, cars, objects, people and faces

  • One-click blurring for static objects like posters

Frame-by-frame footage review and easy export

  • One-click pixelation of personal information

  • AVI or MP4 file export

  • Original file left unchanged for data integrity

I think one of the Identity Cloak advantages is that it is not complicated. The video redaction software is a very stable system that provides you with a number of useful tools and works in different environments.

Russell Martin Head of Customer Care & Sales Projects, TeamSport

Video redaction software FAQ

Recommended Requirements:

Processor: Intel Core i7
Graphics: NVIDIA T1000/A4000
RAM: 16 GB

Storage: 500GB Hard Drive or 256GB SSD
Operating System: Windows 10/11 Pro

You can download the latest NVIDIA Drivers here

Identity Cloak supports videos in mp4 and AVI format. You'll be able to export the redacted files in AVI or mp4 formats.

We do not transfer any videos to our servers. Identity Cloak is installed on to your device within your secure network. 

We keep the data that is transferred between your device and our severs to a minimum and do not transfer any personal or video data.

A handshake is made between your device and our sever and the following data is transferred between your device and our sever:

  • License Key

  • Device Name

  • User Experience data

We do not transfer or access the following data:

  • Cookies

  • Personal data

  • Video data

  • Your videos

You may find that you are blocked from using Identity Cloak. You'll need to ask your IT/ Digital Services team to provide us access.

All they need to do is to allow us through your firewall using port 443 and this link -

When you upgrade your device or have a change in staff, you may want to move your license key from one device to another. To do this, you will need to contact your Customer Success Manager.

Within Identity Cloak you are able to change:

  • The radius of the circle

  • The degree of blur

  • Play speed

Yes, it can be installed on a virtual machine as long as the machine has access to GPU. Please contact us to find out more.

The software uses AI technology to recognise objects such as faces, bodies and licence plates.

It then automatically tracks these objects, whether still or in motion, and adds a “blur” around the subject or subjects of interest.

The original file is left unchanged for data integrity and the new redacted footage is irreversible to ensure data security is upheld.

  • Complete footage redaction faster – meet deadlines every time: no more spending days fulfilling a request, using dedicated software means you can complete a redaction from start to finish in 30 mins

  • Easy to use – no more manual redaction, simply identify the person or object you would like to redact and the software automatically redacts it for you. Minimal training required

  • On premise solution – reduce your risk from outsourcing redaction and prevent data breaches, and maintain your brand integrity

  • Save money and cost certainty – using a video redaction tool in-house not only speeds up the process and eliminates third party involvement, which reduces costs, it also ensures there are no variable costs for full budget transparency and forecasting

  • Comply with data privacy regulations – whether it’s GDPR, FERPA or any other local privacy regulations, video redaction software ensures you comply with data security regulations by making sure only the fully redacted file, which is irreversible, is shared outside of your organisation

  • Import any video format – any footage which can be played on a VLC can be imported into the software. This includes CCTV, bodycam, dashcam and mobile phone footage. Plus the built-in screen recorder enables you to convert footage, such as social media. It can also be fully integrated with the Milestone VMS

  • Automatic and manual redaction – simply select an object and the software will automatically track and blur full body, face, licence plates, cars, buildings, posters etc.

  • Customise redaction settings – users can customise size and transparency of the blur to suit individual situations, speed and number of keyframes used can also be adjusted


saved by major UK transport organisation in managing video requests in one year

See how much time your team is going to save with Identity Cloak

The number of video footage requests keeps going up. How will your team comply with the 30-day deadline if they are manually redacting every frame or wrangling a complicated piece of software?

Calculate time savings

Facit could save your team hours per month
Enter some numbers to find out how much time Facit could save your team.
Calculation is based on the average time it took Identity Cloak customers to redact a 6-minute video clip

Start your 7-day free trial

Download Identity Cloak and start redacting your first video in under 15 minutes

No credit card required. 7-day trial.