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Facit Data Systems
Smart Count video analytics solution

People counting software that works on top of your CCTV cameras

Analyse customers’ behaviour to increase sales and attract more traffic
Smart Count reporting and dashboards

Detect and analyse footfall trends across multiple entry points and locations

Graphic showing a total number of people currently in a building, with figures to show how many people have entered and exited the building.

Live Occupancy Dashboard

  • Real-time occupancy data tracking, including for locations with multiple entry and exit points

  • Immediately accessible data points for better staffing, restocking and maintenance decisions

Charts showing customer patterns over two days.

Behavioural Patterns Reports

  • Understand the type of visitors your store attracts to adjust promotions and marketing

  • Track conversions more accurately by classifying transactions by group or group makeup

Chart showing a breakdown of customers by gender over a period of nine days.

Gender Reporting

  • Breakdown of visitors by gender characteristics

  • 4, 6 and 8 week tracking timeline for groups and individuals

A chart comparing the performance of stores in various locations.

Site Comparison Report

  • Compare footfall data and visitor makeup across locations for specific time periods

  • See conversion rate comparisons across locations to detect and resolve possible operational issues

Chart showing store performance by hour over a period of five days.

Performance Report

  • Colour-coded occupancy overview for each week

  • Comparison views across venues and time periods

Chart to show missed opportunities, calculated as a percentage.

Lost Opportunities Report

  • Measurable impact of local, regional and national promotions on footfall and sales

  • Data calculated based on footfall and customer grouping for each store

The count seems to be a true reflection of the customers in store at any given time. The live count displayed directly on the screen is convenient for the store to review numbers and manage queues manually if necessary.

Sean Murphy Senior Facilities Manager, Lidl Ireland

Easy installation and setup. Flexible settings.

Set up Smart Count to track people entering and exiting your venue or moving in one direction. Adjust setup to work for existing camera angles and lighting.
Chart showing live store occupancy across several locations.

Accurate footfall measurement without additional costs

Smart Count works with existing security camera networks, no additional hardware required. Cover entrances up to 5 meters wide with a single camera.

Illustration showing how staff can be notified through speakers, computer alerts and headphones.

Custom notifications to manage occupancy or flow

Live alerts can go out to staff members via headsets, to the store visitors via speakers or as a part of traffic light systems to manage venue entry.

Smart Count add-ons

Smart Count add-on features for retail

Keep store operations running smoothly.
Gather additional data to inform your marketing.

Implementing Smart Count video analytics

Facit video analytics solutions work on existing camera infrastructure and do not require installation of new hardware

Works with any existing IP Camera
Onboard Axis Cameras as ACAP P3268/P3265

  • Embedded GPU: Jetson NX, up to 8 channels

  • Discrete GPU: NVIDIA T1000, up to 24 channels

  • AXIS cameras (ACAP): P3268/P3265

  • Extracts analytics data that can be transferred to existing BI solutions

  • Notifications sent to your VMS or other hardware.

Facit video analytics solutions do not track any personal data and are fully compliant with privacy regulations.

For accurate counting, use the matrix below:

  • Camera height 3m -> distance from the continuing area 3m

  • Camera height 4m -> distance from the continuing area 4m

  • Camera height 5m -> distance from the continuing area 5m

We use Facit because we know we can rely on the system. It’s cost-effective, and I don't know another company that can count people with a camera from an angle at this level of accuracy.

Headshot of Damian.
Damian Caluzi IT Systems Technology Project Lead, ES Sicherheit
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Easily install, scale and manage a solution customised for your existing CCTV network. For any venue layout or camera setup.

We can help you find a cost-effective solution that will be easy to deploy and scale. Schedule your consultation today.

People counting software FAQs

Our experts have developed a cutting-edge AI based solution that performs at an accuracy of over 95% in high footfall areas.

The software includes an easy-to-use dashboard which provides live and historical data, with built in and bespoke reporting.

Facit’s people counting software can be installed across multiple locations, and includes a site comparison report which compares footfall data and visitor makeup across locations for specific time periods.

  • Analyse visitors’ behaviour to increase sales and attract more traffic

  • Reports including live occupancy dashboards, behavioural patterns, gender, site comparison and lost opportunities

  • Custom notifications to manage occupancy or flow

  • Detect and analyse footfall trends across multiple entry points and locations

  • Easy installation and setup with flexible settings

  • Add on features including trolley analytics and gender detection

Location, height and field of view of the camera may influence the accuracy, however our team of experts has worked on dozens of projects for locations with various camera setups and layout limitations.

We’ll help you deploy your video analytics solution without any additional hardware or disruptions to your operations, and trial the set up before we deploy across all your sites.

The primary purpose of people counting software is to enhance operations, and ultimately your bottom line, by analysing people’s behaviour.

By gathering and analysing large amounts of data, a business can make changes such as optimise staffing levels and adapt product displays, to increase sales and improve customer experience.

Counting software provides behavioural data. Understand the type of visitors on your premises, how they move around your location and their gender to enhance your site and increase conversion.

The core principle of people counting technology lies in leveraging advanced sensors and algorithms to track and count individuals accurately as they enter or exit a specific area.

Businesses and public bodies gain valuable insights into foot traffic patterns that enables them to optimise operations, enhance security and safety measures, and manage resource allocation based on accurate historical or real-time data.

People counting technology is widely used in retail environments for measuring and optimising store performance, in transportation hubs for crowd management, and in event venues for ensuring attendee safety and satisfaction.

People counting technology provides many benefits that cannot be achieved in a timely or efficient way by any other means. In commercial and public sectors alike, people counting technology helps operators to monitor and manage people’s safety; to gain insight into people’s behaviour; and to optimise the use of space.

People counting technology, when appropriately deployed and calibrated, offers high levels of accuracy in diverse indoor and outdoor settings, which aids decision-making processes and generates operational efficiency in many locations and industries.

Privacy considerations are paramount in the deployment of people counting technology. Counting solutions must prioritise anonymity and comply with data protection regulations to safeguard individual privacy rights.

There are many people counting technologies available, each with their own strengths and potential weaknesses. Technologies include: phone tracking over Wi-Fi; ultrasonic sensors that bounce sound waves off passing people; single beam infrared light sensors; thermal camera heat detection; and CCTV camera people counting.

People counting technology can be integrated with other analytics systems such as heat mapping software, building management systems, and queue management. Heat maps enable operators to interpret people’s travel paths and dwell times. People counting enables Facility Managers to control environmental impacts and costs associated with heating, lighting and staffing. People counting enables operators to open and close queue lines to optimise traffic flow and/or sales.