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Facit Data Systems
Facit and Axis: global partners since 2016

Video analytics solutions designed to run directly on Axis cameras

Illustration depicting video analytics software available on Axis cameras.

Facit solutions for single-store and multi-store retailers

Easily set up data collection. Review store analytics reports in a single dashboard. Utilise live events to improve customer satisfaction and safety.
Line illustration showing customers queueing to checkout in a store, with a number representing how many seconds they have been waiting.

Optimised to run on Axis hardware

Avoid additional hardware costs. Use your network of existing cameras to gather business intelligence.

Charts showing customer patterns over two days.

Built-in reporting dashboard

View store analytics data from multiple sites in one central location. Access dashboards and reports online.

  • API integration for easy data export and consolidation

  • Multi-user access to the dashboard via web or mobile

No matter how hard we make their lives, they always find a way to solve a challenge. They always find something even better that I couldn't have imagined.

Headshot of Marko.
Marko Simunic IT Solution Architect, vi2vi Retail Solution GmbH

Facit Video Analytics products

Get accurate real-time data to help you enhance customer experience and improve store profitability
Line illustration showing a camera live counting how many people are in a room.

Smart Count

Receive accurate, live footfall records for better business decisions 

  • Count the number of people entering and leaving the premises

  • Receive alerts upon reaching occupancy limits

  • Measure foot traffic indoors and outdoors

Line illustration showing customers queueing to checkout in a store, with a number representing how many seconds they have been waiting.

Smart Queue

Reduce queue length and detect intrusion incidents with live alerts

  • Receive alerts for wait time and queue length

  • Identify peak and off-peak times for better staff management

  • Provide accurate wait time estimates by tracking customers across multiple camera views, while staying GDPR-compliant

Line illustration showing a camera tracking how long customers dwell in a location.

Smart Zone

Optimise your store layout by identifying high and low traffic areas

  • Know how long shoppers spend in a given area

  • Track how many people enter the area over time

  • Get a better understanding of their behaviour and other characteristics, including gender breakdown

Line illustration showing an alarm activated as a trolley is detected leaving the store.

Trolley Analytics

Track trolley usage and detect pushouts in real time to prevent incidents

  • Count and display the number of trolleys leaving or entering the store

  • Identify customers entering or leaving with or without trolleys

  • Get live alerts for trolley pushouts

Line illustration showing a camera system alerting people to a fall.

Slip and Fall

Receive immediate alerts of hazards and incidents to keep your customers safe

  • Detect a slip or fall as soon as it occurs to provide immediate assistance

  • Immediately generate alerts to prevent serious injuries

  • Ensure your customers' safety even in unmanned stores

The count seems to be a true reflection of the customers in store at any given time. The live count displayed directly on the screen is convenient for the store to review numbers and manage queues manually if necessary.

Sean Murphy Senior Facilities Manager, Lidl Ireland
A headshot of our MD Waqas.

Waqas Hassan

  • Founder and CEO
  • Ph.D. in Computer Vision

Waqas Hassan is an IT leader with 8+ years of experience in designing and developing applications for security, surveillance and retail analytics products.

He's an accomplished imaging and computer vision architect bringing together emerging technologies and innovative interfaces to enhance operational processes across a wide spectrum of applications.

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Headshot of Ralph.

Ralph Siegfried

  • Key Account Manager End Customer – DACH, Axis

Entrepreneurial executive with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and an additional degree from Business School St. Gallen with broad international experience (Europe, Asia and North America).

He has more than 20 years' experience in operating at the highest levels in "Blue Chip" international companies within the Automotive and Manufacturing, Retail and Telecom industries.

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Headshot of Patrick - our New Business Executive.

Patrick Gordon

  • New Business Executive

Patrick joined Facit in 2023, and has worked in business development for over 25 years.

Patrick has a deep comprehension of data governance, combined with an unwavering dedication to constant improvement, enables him to effectively support clients and drive positive results for both their businesses and customers.

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