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Facit Data Systems
Eliminate costly outsourced masking and manual processes

CCTV anonymisation software to protect personal privacy

Identity Cloak makes GDPR privacy compliance simple and cost effective

What is video redaction software?

Video anonymisation software (or face blurring redaction software) is a compliance feature which is implemented to enhance a business’ data protection strategy. Anonymisation helps your business to comply with regulations such as GDPR, which was introduced in 2018 to protect EEA (European Economic Area) citizens from businesses using their data irresponsibly.

What is anonymisation?

Anonymisation blocks sensitive information in a video or document by blurring it, removing it or replacing it. The most common form of anonymisation used in CCTV video privacy protection is blurring, or masking.

Visual data anonymisation provides a way to sanitise information in order to protect privacy. Anonymisation involves obscuring (masking, blurring, blocking) sensitive information permanently – i.e., that information cannot be restored.

While it may be easier to delete all related records, instead of anonymising them, anonymisation helps you in cases where deleting information isn’t feasible or legal or when sensitive information has to be shared with a requestor or third party.

GDPR and anonymisation

GDPR is an EU regulation designed to protect EEA citizens from businesses using their data irresponsibly. GDPR places the subject of the data in charge of what personal data is allowed be shared, and where and how.

GDPR was created to facilitate the idea of the ‘right to be forgotten’, whereby any individual may contact your business to ask for their personal information to be deleted within a certain time frame.

If your organisation has no legal reason to continue holding this person’s information, you must provide evidence that this information no longer remains in your systems. You must first identify any reference to this individual in video – or any documents referring to their profile – then delete Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Anonymisation provides an easy-to-implement process to achieve compliance without suppressing relevant information or deleting an entire record.

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Average processing time: 30 minutes

We’ve processed over 7,000 videos for our customers. On recommended hardware, it takes them 30 minutes or less to redact one video file.
  • 1

    Import and trim footage

  • 2

    Set up redaction settings

  • 3

    Run autotracking

  • 4

    Review redacted footage and export

Identity Cloak: share compliant anonymised video footage

Identity Cloak makes in-house video compliance fast and simple

Eliminate costly outsourced video editing services and manual processes.
Anonymise identities for compliance using auto-masking
  • Accurate AI-powered processing

  • Automatic detection and tracking of persons and objects

Cost-effective GDPR-compliant anonymisation software licensing
  • On-premise solution to save you time and money

  • Unlimited minutes and exports for effective budgeting

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