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Facit Data Systems
About Facit

Cutting-edge compliance and video analytics software

Solve problems, create opportunities and enhance business operations
23 Countries where Facit solutions are deployed
80+ Current customers
2 Technology patents granted

Facit milestones


Facit founded

We launch our first camera-based video analytics solution


Lidl becomes Facit’s first video analytics customer

Ongoing improvements made to video analytics solutions to allow deployment on specialised embedded hardware


Partnership with AXIS

Facit becomes an AXIS Global Partner. Since then, we have been developing new ways to empower AXIS customers to gather and analyse BI data


Identity Cloak launched

Leading global online and grocery retailers become first customers using Identity Cloak, Facit's video redaction solution

Partnership with Milestone

Facit becomes a Milestone Global Partner. Since then, together the team has developed new, convenient ways for Milestone users to redact video footage for SARs and stay compliant with local regulations

European agreement with Qognify

Launched a partnership with Qognify to sell our software across Europe


Identity Cloak patent granted

European Patent Office grants Facit a patent for the technology used in Identity Cloak


System for detecting retail products patent granted

Facit solution for scan avoidance detection in cashier operated checkouts patent granted

Joins the NVIDIA Inception programme

Programme designed to empower the world’s cutting-edge startups and help business evolve faster

World-wide agreement with Qognify

Grew our partnership with Qognify to sell our software across the world


EcoVadis certification

Facit receives a Bronze award and a 90/100 Ethics score from EcoVadis

Our values

Commitment to quality. Simplicity. Excellence. Innovation.

Commitment to quality

We offer consistently high-performing products thanks to years of in-depth team experience and innovative testing.

Our products are constantly evolving to stay on top of privacy legislation and market needs to make our clients’ lives easier.


We offer simple solutions to complex problems, saving you time and resources.

With our help, you can easily comply with privacy regulations specific to your region and gather BI to drive your business forward.


We help our clients future-proof their organisations with compliant document and video redaction solutions.

And, we empower our clients to make data-driven choices about their operations to improve customer satisfaction and profitability.


We work with the brightest minds from around the world to deliver innovative solutions for our compliance and video analytics clients.

We are trusted by businesses around the world, including global market leaders.

No matter how hard we make their lives, they always find a way to solve a challenge. I think I’m quite creative when it comes to solutions, but they always find something even better that I couldn’t have imagined. I’m looking forward to finding something they cannot solve.

Headshot of Marko.
Marko Simunic IT Solution Architect, vi2vi Retail Solution GmbH

Trusted by organisations across the globe

World map showing the countries that Facit operates in.

Senior management team

Adrian Crean.

Adrian Crean

  • Chair

Adrian is an experienced leader and Board director, with a proven track record in growing and developing successful businesses.

With 30 years' experience in data, analytics, technology and managed service solutions across a range of sectors, Adrian is passionate about working with the Facit team as they create great solutions for their customers.

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A headshot of our MD Waqas.

Waqas Hassan

  • Founder and CEO
  • Ph.D. in Computer Vision

Waqas Hassan is an IT leader with 8+ years of experience in designing and developing applications for security, surveillance and retail analytics products.

He's an accomplished imaging and computer vision architect bringing together emerging technologies and innovative interfaces to enhance operational processes across a wide spectrum of applications.

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Facit team members

Oren Milgram

  • Strategic Advisor

Oren has 20+ years of experience in driving growth within early-stage companies across diverse sectors, such as healthcare and public safety.

At Facit, Oren is responsible for overseeing sales operations in the United States and Canada. In addition to managing sales, Oren also cultivates relationships with channel partners to foster long-term, profitable business relationships.

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Headshot of Patrick - our New Business Executive.

Patrick Gordon

  • New Business Executive

Patrick joined Facit in 2023, and has worked in business development for over 25 years.

Patrick has a deep comprehension of data governance, combined with an unwavering dedication to constant improvement, enables him to effectively support clients and drive positive results for both their businesses and customers.

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Headshot of John Vaskis.

John Vaskis

  • North America New Business Advisor

John has 15+ years of experience driving growth within early-stage companies in diverse sectors, such as retail and brand data systems.

At Facit, John oversees sales operations in the United States and Canada. In addition to managing sales, John cultivates relationships with channel partners to foster long-term, profitable business relationships.

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A headshot of Awais.

Awais Rafique

  • Solution Architect
  • Masters in Computer Engineering

Awais has 10+ years of experience in image processing on desktop, cloud and embedded systems.

Having worked with manufacturers like AXIS on developing cutting-edge applications, Awais is shaping the Facit video analytics platform to deliver industry-leading levels of reliability and customer experience.

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Headshot of Ayesha.

Ayesha Aziz

  • Senior Product Manager
  • Ph.D. in Engineering and Design

With 10+ years of industry experience, Ayesha is passionate about bringing innovative product ideas to life.

She has successfully delivered and maintained products in various industries. Her main areas of expertise are product strategy, design, usability research and omnichannel UX.

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A headshot of Maria.

Maria Renwick

  • Customer Success Manager
  • BSc Econ International Politics and Intelligence Studies

Maria has over 6 years of experience in customer success, and is a Certified Customer Success Manager.

Having worked at 3 different SaaS companies, she has become an expert in explaining to new customers how to quickly and efficiently achieve their goals.

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Headshot of Melissa.

Melissa Trodd

  • Growth Marketing Manager
  • BA Business Studies with Marketing

Melissa has worked in marketing for 15 years across various sectors, from retail to education.

At Facit, she develops digital assets to support business growth for both Facit and our partners, focusing on case studies, white papers and thought leadership articles to share Facit’s expertise and insight with the sector.

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