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Facit Data Systems
Gather BI for unmanned, hybrid and regular retail stores

Retail video analytics solution that plugs directly into your CCTV cameras

Line illustration showing various analytics from video including dwell times, wait times and live occupancy.
Retail video analytics use cases

Increase sales, customer loyalty and average purchase size

Cost-effective deployment. Minimal configuration. Easy to scale across multiple stores.
Chart showing live store occupancy across several locations.

Deploy hybrid and unmanned stores

  • Control access and the number of customers inside the store

  • Ensure your customers' safety 24/7 with live alerts

  • Prevent pushouts and track conversions

Graph showing total customers at different hours across several days.

Gather the data you need to improve customer experience

  • Know peak times for each store and plan shifts to increase customer satisfaction

  • Optimise customer experience for your store's key demographics

  • Alert your staff in emergencies or to improve customer service

Chart showing store performance by hour over a period of five days.

Track performance of campaigns and promotions inside and outside your stores

  • Identify locations that attract shoppers¬†¬†

  • Understand the impact of promotions outside a store

  • Maximise sales by adjusting product placement

It was a pleasure to deal with Facit who were a main stakeholder in a successful rollout project in quick time during challenging Covid times.

Sean Murphy Senior Facilities Manager, Lidl Ireland

Reach out to schedule a free consultation

Custom setup and configuration for retail stores

Our experienced team will help you evaluate possible solutions based on your building floorplan, CCTV camera positions and available hardware

Illustration depicting four 3D rectangles.