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Facit Data Systems
Facit and Milestone: global partners since 2019

Video redaction plug-ins for XProtect

For Milestone customers that need to comply with GDPR and FERPA requirements

Tested on the following XProtect Corporate versions:

  • 2023 R1 (23.1a)

  • 2022 R3 (22.3c), R2 (22.2a), R1 (22.1a)

  • 2021 R2 (21.2a), R1 (21.1b)

  • 2019 R3 (13.3a)

Trusted by organisations across 17 countries to securely and quickly redact video footage
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Automated video redaction for XProtect

Hide personal information when live footage is supervised.
Easily provide redacted recordings of incidents. Roll out plug-ins in under 10 minutes.
Live blurring

Redact footage across cameras in real time

Automated pixelation across the entire feed. Customisable exclusion and inclusion zones.
  • One-click redaction activation

  • Full control over the degree of blur

  • Links to alarm functions to trigger blur removal

Playback video redaction

Blur personal information before exporting

AI-powered people and object tracking. Pixelate faces, IDs and name tags with an offline, on-premise solution.
  • Full-screen, body, or face blurring

  • Complete video redaction inside XProtect Client

  • Customisable shape and degree of blur

Recommended hardware & help centre

For support related to using the Identity Cloak Milestone plug-in, from installation to updating the plug-in, visit our help centre.

We use Facit because we know we can rely on the system. It's cost-effective, and if I were to recommend Facit to a colleague, I'd say: Use it, it works.

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The fact that we deal with it from start to finish, all in house, it just completely reduces that risk.

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