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Facit Data Systems
Video redaction for education

Process CCTV, bodycam, dashcam and mobile phone footage in-house

Take control of your video redaction process. Process CCTV, bodycam, dashcam, and mobile phone footage in-house, 24/7.
  • Use a fully on-premise software that works behind a firewall

  • Quickly process footage to respond to on-campus incidents

  • Automate blurring for student unions, playgrounds, libraries

Students walking along a corridor in a school.
These school districts and higher education institutions use Identity Cloak to redact video footage quickly and efficiently:
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Redact footage in hours, not weeks. Whenever you need to.

Graphic showing manual tracking is enabled with an option to add autotracking.

Automated redaction, even for busy areas

  • Redacts faces, licence plates, name tags and signage automatically

  • Speeds up footage review and export with one-click manual redaction

Illustration depicting how users can import any file, including from a phone, CCTV and bodycam.

Redact any file format, any type of footage

  • Works for indoor and outdoor footage, including low-light settings

  • On-screen recorder to capture and process analogue videos

Graphic showing that exported data is kept on-site.

Prevent security breaches and stay fully compliant

  • Works behind a firewall within existing security infrastructure

  • Updates installed via link to prevent security breaches

Average processing time: 30 minutes

We’ve processed over 7,000 videos for our customers. On recommended hardware, it takes them 30 minutes or less to redact one video file.
  • 1

    Import and trim footage

  • 2

    Set up redaction settings

  • 3

    Run autotracking

  • 4

    Review and export redacted footage

Getting started with Identity Cloak

Once we saw the product in action and had the pricing, we were sold. This product is quick and easy to use, it has a clean interface with what you need to redact the video. The staff are great to work with when getting things set up.

Technology Specialist Education Establishment, Canada

Download your 7-day free trial

Start redacting your first video in Identity Cloak in under 15 minutes

No credit card required. 7-day trial.

Video redaction for education FAQ

Education establishments are seeing an increase in data requests. With increased exposure through social media, there is more video data which requires redacting.

Often data requests concern sensitive areas around school grounds and campuses such as research labs. With a video redaction solution, you can ensure sensitive areas are protected.

While different types of video redaction software may have different approaches, Identity Cloak uses AI technology. It recognises faces, bodies and licence plates, automatically tracks these objects, whether still or in motion, and adds a “blur” around the subject or subjects of interest.

With Identity Cloak, you can also select specific areas to protect privacy rights of your staff, students and members of the public. The original file is left unchanged for data integrity and the new redacted footage is irreversible to ensure data security is upheld.

Identity Cloak automatically redacts and tracks people, even in such fast-paced environments as LRCs, cafeterias, unions, corridors and more, ensuring data privacy protection of students, staff and members of the public.

It requires minimum manual intervention, enabling education establishments to operate more efficiently and spend less time executing subject access requests.

Identity Cloak can redact any file which can be played in a VLC player and has a screen recorder when the file cannot be imported. This means being able to process multiple forms of video footage from sources such as mobile phones, social media and bodycams.

Lastly, having a set yearly fee makes it easy to budget for a video redaction solution.