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Facit Data Systems
Compliance for education

Responding to data subject access requests

Software to streamline your data access requests (DSARs) to efficiently and quickly respond
  • Unlimited document and video redactions

  • AI-powered, automated software

  • On-premise solution that works behind your firewall

  • Quickly process footage and documents

Students walking along a corridor in a school.
These school and higher education institutions use Facit's compliance products to respond to data subject access requests
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Need help with understanding DSARs and compliance laws?

FERPA Compliance violations.
Download our essential toolkit for the education sector which has everything you need to get you started.
  • Checklist on how to respond to a data subject access requests

  • Guide to privacy laws such as GDPR

  • How to mitigate risks with compliance software

Unlimited document redaction

Redact documents in hours, not weeks

Document with redacted information.

Redact personal information with one click

  • Automatically redact common identifiers: names, phone numbers, email addresses and more

  • Customise redaction with case specific terms

  • Refine with manual redaction

Various cases with statuses attached to each.

Easily manage and track case files

  • Quickly review, redact and export files via our intuitive interface

  • Easily track progress with colour-coded markers

  • Assign cases to staff and work on multiple requests simultaneously to save time

Graphic showing that exported data is kept on-site.

Prevent data exposure and mitigate compliance risks

  • Avoid potential exposure by completing redaction in-house 

  • Redacted documents with no metadata or layers that can be reversed

  • Add commentary for follow-up requests or potential audits

The good thing is you can upload and we can go off, we don’t have to worry or sit there, we can do something else. It’s so accurate that 90% of it is redacted.

Data Protection Officer and CCTV Policy Manager
Secure video redaction for education

Automated video redaction, even for busy areas

Graphic showing manual tracking is enabled with an option to add autotracking.

Redact in minutes not days

  • Redact faces, licence plates, name tags and signage automatically

  • Blur footage from playgrounds, hallways, cafeterias and more to safeguard staff and students

Illustration depicting how users can import any file, including from a phone, CCTV and bodycam.

Redact any file format, any type of footage

  • Works for indoor and outdoor footage, including low-light settings

  • On-screen recorder to capture and process analogue videos

Once we saw the product in action and had the pricing, we were sold. This product is quick and easy to use. The staff are great to work with when getting things set up.

Technology Specialist Education Establishment
Identity Cloak video redaction software demo

Four simple steps to redaction

Video redaction for education: use software to comply with data privacy laws, and safeguard your staff and students

Video redaction case study

Find out how Identity Cloak has reduced redaction times, and simplified compliance with data protection laws and data subject access requests

How Facit is supporting education providers

Easily respond to DSAR requests

Facit is supporting the education sector to reduce redaction times, reduce costs, and develop a compliance process to efficiently respond to subject access requests and adhere to data privacy laws.

Irreversible document redaction

They are automatically redacting common identifiers in documents of over 15 different file types, including emails and their attachments.

Redacting videos in less than 30 minutes

Our clients are redacting faces and bodies in footage of large groups in busy playgrounds, and licence plates in car parks.

Schedule your consultation

Book a demo with a member of our team to discover how easy it is to respond to DSARs. Plus, receive a link to download your 7-day free trial of our video redaction software.

No credit card required for 7-day trial.

Compliance FAQs

Document redaction is the process of removing, or concealing, confidential or sensitive information from a file. Often, this is for internal investigations or a subject access requests.

Examples of information which may need to be redacted include names, phone numbers, email addresses, national insurance numbers etc – anything which is classified as personal information.

Document Redaction allows you to redact a large area such as a picture with ease through the manual redaction feature.

To manually redact a section of a document:

  • Select the document from your document list.

  • Go to the section of the document you wish to redact.

  • Click and drag your mouse to create a box over the section of the document you wish to redact.

  • Your box will appear in a different color to the auto-redacted phrases so you can tell the different types of redaction apart.

  • Click “Save” in your task bar.

Facit’s Document Redaction Privacy Software does not include any metadata when you export your redacted files. This means that no one can reverse your redacted documents. 

Facit’s Document Redaction solution can automatically redact:

  • Names

  • Phone numbers

  • National Insurance or Social Security Numbers

  • Email addresses

  • Addresses

  • URLs

Document Redaction will work across the following document types and more:

  • PDF

  • DOC

  • DOCX

  • XLS

  • XLSX

  • CSV

  • TXT

  • Emails

  • Email attachments

  • JPEG

  • PNG

  • PPT

  • PPTX

  • ODP

  • SVG

Depending on your company’s firewalls, you may find that you are blocked from using Document Redaction. To gain access you need to ask your IT/ Digital Services team to provide us access.

All they need to do is to allow us through your firewall using port 443 and this link -

Education establishments are seeing an increase in data requests. With increased exposure through social media, there is more video data which requires redacting.

Often data requests concern sensitive areas around school grounds and campuses such as research labs. With a video redaction solution, you can ensure sensitive areas are protected.

While different types of video redaction software may have different approaches, Identity Cloak uses AI technology. It recognises faces, bodies and licence plates, automatically tracks these objects, whether still or in motion, and adds a “blur” around the subject or subjects of interest.

With Identity Cloak, you can also select specific areas to protect privacy rights of your staff, students and members of the public. The original file is left unchanged for data integrity and the new redacted footage is irreversible to ensure data security is upheld.

Identity Cloak automatically redacts and tracks people, even in such fast-paced environments as LRCs, cafeterias, unions, corridors and more, ensuring data privacy protection of students, staff and members of the public.

It requires minimum manual intervention, enabling education establishments to operate more efficiently and spend less time executing subject access requests.

Identity Cloak can redact any file which can be played in a VLC player and has a screen recorder when the file cannot be imported. This means being able to process multiple forms of video footage from sources such as mobile phones, social media and bodycams.

Lastly, having a set yearly fee makes it easy to budget for a video redaction solution.