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Facit Data Systems
Slip and Fall video analytics solution

Slip and fall detection through your CCTV camera network

Ensure the safety of vulnerable people such as elderly patients, lone workers and those in high-risk environments
  • Detect a slip or a fall as soon as it occurs

  • Immediately alert staff via text, email or sound notifications

  • Ensure a timely response to incidents

  • Meet the requirements of Health and Safety laws

  • Download and simply install Slip and Fall onto your Axis camera

Slip and Fall software features

Fulfil your duty of care and keep staff and visitors safe during accidents and emergencies

Reduce the risk and liability to your business by enhancing your health and safety monitoring in remote and high-risk environments

AI-powered fall detection

  • Detect a slip, trip or fall in a specified zone

  • Camera based fall detection to eliminate the need for personal safety devices

  • Mitigate the severity of an accident and the potential injury claim, protecting your reputation and reducing the financial liability

Illustration showing how staff can be notified through speakers, computer alerts and headphones.

Real-time alerts

  • Immediately respond to incidents and assess the severity of the situation to take appropriate action

  • Delivery modes: headsets, audible alarms, 3rd party VMS, Axis Camera Station

  • A prompt response is critical to reducing the risk of long-term injury and the impact on operations

Optimised to run on Axis hardware

  • Integrates with Axis Live Privacy shield, providing an additional layer of privacy

  • Fully compliant with data privacy laws when streaming live footage

  • Deployed remotely to reduce the impact on premises

Start your 30-day free trial

Download the ACAP to start using Facit’s slip and fall software

Slip and Fall detection in action

Detect incidents and protect individuals’ privacy with Axis Live Privacy Shield - remove the blur to assess a situation and respond effectively to an incident

How to videos

Installing Slip and Fall

Follow these steps to install Slip and Fall onto your Axis camera

Technical FAQs

  • Onboard Axis Cameras as ACAP: P3268/P3265/ P3267

  • All Axis Cameras with ARTPEC- 8 chipset

Camera height: 2.6m to 4m

Monitoring area: up to 7m x 7m

Our team is currently developing the API for our Slip and Fall application.

Slip and Fall case study for autonomous stores

Interior or a Migros unmanned store.

Migros TEO

  • Detects slip and fall incidents to protect its shoppers

  • Seamless integration with Axis cameras and network speakers

  • Operators talk directly to individuals in the Migros Teo store if there is an incident

  • Operators rapidly respond to incidents and keep shoppers safe

Slip and Fall use cases

Slip and Fall detection protects individuals and ensures organisations are compliant with health and safety regulations

Care homes

Ensure the well-being of your residents and enable staff to provide an enhanced level of care with Slip and Fall detection for care homes

Construction sites

Quickly enable site management to respond to an incident and provide critical support across an entire site with Slip and fall software for construction sites

Critical infrastructure

Demonstrate compliance and improve incident response time when workers are in remote locations

Data centres

Protect staff across a site, even in isolated work areas, and mitigate the impact of incidents with Slip and Fall software for data centres

Transport and delivery services

Reduce the risk of delays to your operation whilst ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your employees

Retail and hospitality

Respond rapidly to slip and fall incidents across your venue, especially in less populated areas, providing employees with peace of mind

Outdoor workers

Ensure the safety and wellbeing of individuals who face hazardous environments and isolation

Manufacturing and warehousing

Monitor individuals at all times, even in vast warehouse spaces or busy manufacturing floors


Protect lone worker employees and respond to incidents quickly across multiple locations

Start your 30-day free trial

Download the ACAP to begin slip and fall detection through your CCTV network

Slip and Fall FAQs

Slip and Fall uses AI and machine learning to detect patterns, behaviours and events in real time. It analyses video footage to track movement and identify sudden changes in behaviour.

If there has been an incident, staff members are immediately notified via text, email or sound notifications for an immediate response to keep employees and members of the public safe.

Facit’s team of experts has worked on dozens of projects for locations with various camera setups and layout limitations. We can tailor to not only meet your industry, but each site’s individual requirements.

We’ll help you deploy your video analytics solution without any additional hardware or disruptions to your operations, and trial the set up before we deploy across all your sites.

Slip and Fall detection works across many industries and job roles including data centres, construction, warehousing, unmanned stores and lone working. Find out more on our retail and smart building dedicated pages.

Our Slip and Fall detection software has been optimised to run on legacy CCTV infrastructure, such as security surveillance equipment. It is a cost-effective solution and is installed remotely. Facit does not need to visit every site and will not disrupt operations. Once the software has been tested and optimised, it can be quickly deployed to multiple locations, and Facit will ensure smooth operations with ongoing maintenance.

Our experts have developed a cutting-edge AI based solution that performs at an accuracy of over 95% in high footfall areas.