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Facit Data Systems
Video redaction for retail

24/7 video redaction with Identity Cloak. Requires minimal training.

  • Automatically redact sensitive information

  • Respond quickly to requests, from theft to insurance claims

  • Quickly redact footage of canteens, locker rooms or staff rooms

Customer at a checkout buying groceries.
These industry leaders rely on Identity Cloak to quickly redact video footage:
Costa Coffee Logo.
M&S Logo.
River Island Logo.

Quickly handle police or insurance footage requests

Automated blanket redaction. Multiple redaction features at a push of a button. Full compliance.
Streamlined Redaction: Import, redact then export.

Streamlined import and pre-processing

  • Import MP4 and AVI files plus audio tracks

  • Built-in screen recorder to import proprietary player footage

  • Customisable redaction settings to optimise footage quality

Graphic showing manual tracking is enabled with an option to add autotracking.

Automatic blurring and one-click redaction

  • Multiple blur modes, including full screen blur

  • Automatic path tracking for moving persons of interest

  • One-click blurring for static objects 

Average processing time: 30 minutes

We’ve processed over 7,000 videos for our customers. On recommended hardware, it takes them 30 minutes or less to redact one video file.
  • 1

    Import and trim footage

  • 2

    Set up redaction settings

  • 3

    Run autotracking

  • 4

    Review and export redacted footage

Getting started with Identity Cloak

Identity Cloak success stories

Find out how our retail customers complete requests for video footage while protecting their staff and customers from privacy breaches

The company is in a better position using Identity Cloak. Far better oversight of redaction costs now, whereas it was previously difficult to track spending.

The legal team is happier because Identity Cloak provides a reliable in-house solution, which is increasingly important now that the structures associated with GDPR have taken data protection to even more demanding levels.

Investigations Manager Major Grocery Retailer

Download your 7-day free trial

Start redacting your first video in Identity Cloak in under 15 minutes

No credit card required. 7-day trial.

Video redaction for retail FAQ

With increasing police issues, such as theft and aggression towards staff, police need video footage redacted, and often quickly. Having access to a video redaction tool enables operators to respond quickly to subject access requests and incidents.

While different types of video redaction software may have different approaches, Identity Cloak uses AI technology. It recognises faces, bodies and licence plates, automatically tracks these objects, whether still or in motion, and adds a “blur” around the subject or subjects of interest.

With Identity Cloak, you can also select specific areas to protect privacy rights of your staff and shoppers. The original file is left unchanged for data integrity and the new redacted footage is irreversible to ensure data security is upheld.

Identity Cloak quickly and efficiently redacts footage of busy areas and crowded stores. Minimal training is required to start using the software, so in a busy retail environment, anyone can use it to respond to incidents and subject access requests.

With targeted redaction and full cloaking, you can ensure staff and shoppers privacy rights are intact, for example, blurring shoppers’ PINs and sensitive areas such as locker rooms.