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Facit Data Systems
Smart Queue video analytics solution

Queue management software to improve checkout experience

Analyse queue data through your CCTV network to decrease customers’ wait time, prevent trolley abandonment and recover lost sales
  • Manage queue length and wait time across checkout lanes

  • Evaluate impact of wait time on sales based on trolley abandonment

  • Predict peak times to optimise staffing

Line illustration showing customers queueing to checkout in a store, with a number representing how many seconds they have been waiting.
Smart Queue reporting and dashboards

Track wait times and queue length to maximise revenue

Analyse shopping trends to decrease wait time and improve customer satisfaction during peak hours
Graph showing live counts of customers waiting in various checkout queues.
Smart Queue Dashboard

Number of customers and current wait time

Know how many people are waiting in line at each checkout or in a waiting zone. Track how long each of them has been waiting.

Chart showing the maximum waiting time for various store checkouts.
Wait Time Report

Waiting time and queue length

Track average wait time and number of people in the queue for each checkout location. Determine peak traffic hours.

Set up live alerts to improve operations

Illustration showing how staff can be notified through speakers, computer alerts and headphones.
Live alerts

Eliminate long wait times with real-time alerts

Empower on-site managers to proactively manage checkouts to improve customer experience. Notifications can go out via text or email, or via headsets as a sound alert.

Implementing Smart Queue video analytics

Facit video analytics solutions work on existing camera infrastructure and do not require installation of new hardware

Works with any existing IP Camera
Onboard Axis Cameras as ACAP P3268/P3265

  • Embedded GPU: Jetson NX, up to 8 channels

  • Discrete GPU: NVIDIA T1000, up to 24 channels

  • AXIS cameras (ACAP): P3268/P3265

  • Extracts analytics data that can be transferred to existing BI solutions

  • Notifications sent to your VMS or other hardware.

Facit video analytics solutions do not track any personal data and are fully compliant with privacy regulations.

If you want the job done quickly, go with Facit. The simplicity and the scalability is not only for the initial setup, but also for maintenance.

Headshot of Marko.
Marko Simunic IT Solution Architect, vi2vi Retail Solution GmbH
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Easily install, scale and manage a solution customised for your existing CCTV network. For any venue layout or camera setup.

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People counting software FAQs

The software counts the number of customers and calculates their wait time. This is for any queue, such as at a checkout, outside a store or at a service counter.

Parameters are set for when a queue has reached a threshold, and members of staff are alerted via a headset, speaker or notification. This will enable supervisors to deploy a member of staff to meet the demand, for example opening another till or supporting the service counter.

Businesses can also use historical data to proactively optimise staff scheduling, deploying them ahead of time to where they are needed to enhance customer service.

The software uses AI and machine learning to monitor an individual in a queue. A zone is determined for the AI to monitor, and it calculates the time from when they enter the zone to when they exit, normally at the end of the checkout.

  • Improve the flow of customers through your location

  • Provide an enhanced shopper experience for customer satisfaction

  • Reduce customer wait time

  • Increase customer loyalty

  • Optimise staffing levels and costs

By introducing queue management software, you can reduce longer wait time costs and recover lost sales. Live alerts will enable you to react to long customer queues, and data analysis will enable you to be proactive and deploy additional staff ahead of time.