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Facit Data Systems
Track floor occupancy in real time

Smart buildings video analytics data, through your existing CCTV camera network

  • Optimise energy consumption throughout your building

  • Retain tenants by helping them improve space usage

  • Attract prospective tenants by providing detailed historic data

Picture of tall buildings from below with trees and blue sky.
Smart buildings video analytics use cases

Occupancy tracking for effective operations

Optimise energy consumption. Utilise human resources more effectively. Help your tenants cut their costs.
Graph showing how many people are on each floor at any one time.

Understand occupancy trends on each floor

Track the number of people on each floor in real time and historically:

  • “How does floor-by-floor occupancy change throughout the week?”

  • “What do these trends mean for energy consumption?”

  • “How many people will be using staircases in an emergency?”

Graphic showing a total number of people currently in a building, with figures to show how many people have entered and exited the building.

Help tenants optimise their space usage

Guide your tenants towards a more efficient floor usage:

  • “How can my tenants better manage their shared office spaces?”

  • “How can my tenants reduce their energy bills?”

  • “How can we redesign the space to maximise its use?”

Chart showing the occupancy levels of various workspace locations.

Build trust with your prospective tenants

Answer the following questions based on your BI data:

  • “What are the energy costs for shared work spaces, and how many workers can use them?”

  • “How have previous tenants been utilising their spaces?”

  • “How can we make sure we're not wasting money and energy?”

We’ve chosen Facit because it can be applied with our existing camera software. Going through our already installed CCTV system was a major plus. That, and working with Waqas who was very flexible with our needs and partnering to best get where we needed to be.

Patrick​ Kramer Senior Property Manager, Brookfield Properties
Smart buildings video analytics solutions

Capture the true story of how your space is being used

Our experts evaluate your existing CCTV camera network and gather the required data without additional hardware installation
Line illustration showing a camera live counting how many people are in a room.
Smart Count

Occupancy counting

  • Manage energy, HVAC and cleaning based on real-life data, not square footage

  • Get a granular view of how tenants operate their space

  • Provide occupancy data for shared spaces like food courts

Line illustration showing a camera system alerting people to a fall.
Slip and Fall

Accident alerts

  • Have AI detect falls due to an accident or health emergency

  • Send out email, text or headset alerts for security staff

  • Enhance tenant and staff safety after hours without adding manpower

Smart Buildings video analytics FAQs

Smart building analytics is the process of taking large amounts of data captured on CCTV and turning it into intelligent data to capture the true story of how your space is being used.

This will enable building management to:

  • Understand occupancy trends on each floor

  • Optimise energy consumption throughout the building

  • Utilise human resources more effectively

  • Help tenants optimise their space usage and cut their costs

  • Respond to incidents, such as a slip and fall, quickly

We can detect objects and persons, but we do not identify and save any personally identifiable information. Our software does not perform any feature based tracking.

Video analytics solutions run directly on AXIS cameras and are available as plug-ins in the Milestone XProtect Smart Client.

Data collected is configurable though an API for your own internal platform.

Reach out to schedule a free consultation

Custom setup and configuration for smart building management companies

Our experienced team will help you evaluate possible solutions based on your building floorplan, CCTV camera positions and available hardware