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Facit Data Systems
Trolley analytics software

Trolley tracking system for better security and operations

Use your CCTV cameras to track trolley usage and avoid pushouts. Even in low-visibility zones.

Detect trolley usage patterns. Improve store operations.

Illustration showing how staff can be notified through speakers, computer alerts and headphones.
Live alerts

Detect pushouts and alert your staff

  • Set up alerts for trolley occupancy

  • Immediately notify staff via headset

  • Stay compliant with data protection regulations

Chart showing trolley usage per hour.
Trolley Analytics reports

Track trolley usage hourly and daily

  • Calculate the number of trolleys your store needs based on historical data

  • Manage staff tasks to improve access to trolleys during peak hours

  • Understand behavioural patterns and improve customer satisfaction

Go beyond tracking trolley pushouts. Use BI data to improve venue layout.

Line illustration showing a camera live counting how many people are in a room.

Smart Count

Count people entering and exiting your venue through CCTV cameras. Analyse their behaviour for more effective promotions and campaigns.

People counting software

Gender Detection

Optimise your customers' experience and analyse shopping trends based on gender breakdown inside and outside your store.

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Understand trolley usage trends with Trolley Analytics

Our team will help you find the most efficient way to improve store operations and detect pushouts via your existing CCTV camera network. Schedule your consultation today.