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Facit Data Systems
Behaviour tracking video analytics solution

Behaviour tracking software to optimise your venue layout

Identify high-traffic and low-traffic locations through your CCTV camera network
  • Track dwell time and people counts to find “honeypot” locations

  • Understand granular impact of layout changes across your venue

  • Set up alerts to improve customer experience

Line illustration showing a camera tracking how long customers dwell in a location.
Smart Zone reporting and dashboards

Uncover the unexpected ways your visitors interact with your displays and move through your venue

Optimise each zone to increase dwell time and sales
Bar chart illustrating dwell time in Zone A: 25% of people pass by, 54% stay for 5 minutes and 21% stay for 5–15 minutes.

Smart Zone Occupancy Report

  • Track visitor count and dwell time

  • Identify high-traffic and low-traffic areas

  • Measure visitor engagement with an object or product display

Report illustrating how the effect of a promotion can be shown in a graph.

Smart Zone Report

  • Increase efficiency of in-store promotions

  • Optimise location design and layout

  • Add POS data to understand what makes customers convert

Access a level of detail heat map software can’t match

Set up notifications to improve staff response. Measure the success of your current floor layout.
Graph showing dwell time comparisons across a number of stores.
Dwell time tracking and people counting

Granular data for better decision-making

As opposed to heat maps that show aggregate data, Smart Zone helps understand how visitors behave in each zone.

Illustration showing how staff can be notified through speakers, computer alerts and headphones.
Live alerts

Real-time notifications for better customer service

Set up live notifications to alert staff of visitors in hard-to-monitor areas or when customers' dwell time exceeds a specific limit. You can also use live alerts for theft prevention.

We use Facit because we know we can rely on the system. It’s cost-effective, and I don't know another company that can count people with a camera from an angle at this level of accuracy.

Headshot of Damian.
Damian Caluzi IT Systems Technology Project Lead, ES Sicherheit

Implementing Smart Zone video analytics

Facit video analytics solutions work on existing camera infrastructure and do not require installation of new hardware

Works with any existing IP Camera
Onboard Axis Cameras as ACAP P3268/P3265

  • Embedded GPU: Jetson NX, up to 8 channels

  • Discrete GPU: NVIDIA T1000, up to 24 channels

  • AXIS cameras (ACAP): P3268/P3265

  • Extracts analytics data that can be transferred to existing BI solutions

  • Notifications sent to your VMS or other hardware.

Facit video analytics solutions do not track any personal data and are fully compliant with privacy regulations.

For accurate results, use the matrix below:

  • Camera height 2.6m to 3m -> zone coverage area 5m x 5m

  • Camera height 3m to 5m -> zone coverage area 7m x 7m

  • Camera height 5m to 8m -> zone coverage area 10m x 10m

If you want the job done quickly, go with Facit. The simplicity and the scalability is not only for the initial setup, but also for maintenance.

Headshot of Marko.
Marko Simunic IT Solution Architect, vi2vi Retail Solution GmbH
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Easily install, scale and manage a solution customised for your existing CCTV network. For any venue layout or camera setup.

We can help you find a cost-effective solution that will be easy to deploy and scale. Schedule your consultation today.

Smart Zone FAQs

Behaviour tracking software uses AI and machine learning modelling to analyse how shoppers move around a store and interact with displays.

This BI (business intelligence) is extracted from the behaviour tracking software and compiled into dashboards and reports. Businesses can then use this to make data backed decisions, increasing dwell time and sales.

Once a zone has been set, the software tracks behaviour in that specific area eg dwell time, movement around the zone and display engagement.

Businesses can have multiple zones in one store, and can monitor similar zones across multiple locations eg compare how “men’s t-shirts” section is performing across different stores?

Data from the behaviour tracking software can then be used to optimise operations, such as enhancing store layout and design, or the efficiency of promotions.