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Reducing video redaction costs by up to 90% whilst remaining compliant with data protection laws

Long exposure photograph of shoppers on escalators in a busy shopping centre.
Discover how Identity Cloak addresses this retailers data privacy concerns, improves efficiency and reduces costs.
Posted in: Retail

Challenges and objectives

This UK subsidiary of a global home furnishing retailer, with over 470 stores in 63 markets, required a new video redaction process due to the substantial increase in video footage requests. The retailer was looking for a process which would comply with data privacy laws and confidently fulfil its duty when responding to requests.

Its existing process posed the following risks.

  1. Failure to comply with data privacy laws – sending an unredacted video outside of the company provides a risk of someone intercepting the file, or it being accidentally shared externally

  2. Budget uncertainty – video requests ranged from 5 minutes to over an hour, and with the retailer being charged per minute, it could not effectively set a budget

  3. Missing a deadline – if the video received back was not suitable, or with sending externally, they do not have control of the process, and making sure it met the deadline

The retailer receives between 12 to 15 requests per month; these often stem from employees, shoppers, the police and insurance companies, with over 50% of these deriving from insurance. By law, when footage is shared, all individuals not involved in the request must be redacted, to avoid fines and maintain its excellent reputation.

Ease of use and speed was key to the retailer’s Data Privacy Specialist who would be operating the software. They are involved with various data privacy projects, and being able to dedicate time to respond to video requests is a challenge.

The retailer currently uses a third-party provider, therefore it sends any footage which needs to be redacted outside of the organisation. Sending unredacted footage off site is a risk, and if there is a breach, the retailer is at risk of a substantial fine and damage to its reputation.

Using a third-party also amplifies the time pressure of responding to a request. When the video is delivered back to the Data Privacy Specialist, they review to ensure it is suitable to be released to the data subject. If there is an issue, this leads to further back and forth with the third party, and risks the retailer missing the deadline.

The retailer also spent a large amount of money redacting videos, paying for each minute redacted. This meant the cost varied from just under £800 to over £4,000 for each request, depending on the length of the video. If the retailer redacted 15 videos that were 10 minutes long, this would cost over £12,000 in one month alone.

I love it, it's so simple!

Data Privacy Specialist Retailer


In 2023, the retailer chose Identity Cloak as its preferred video redaction software, and in 2024 renewed the contract for another year. Identity Cloak addresses its data privacy concerns, improves efficiency and reduces costs.

Price comparison with Unlimited plan for 15 x 10 minute videos per month

Pre-Facit With Facit
£12,750 /month £417 /month
£153,000 /year £5,000 /year

The Data Privacy Specialist appreciates the solidity, reliability and control the software provides them with.

  • Speed – the retailer no longer relies on a third party and responds quicker to a request and ensures the deadline is met

  • Cost – with unlimited videos and unlimited minutes, the retailer no longer has cost uncertainty – whether it’s 5 or 55 minutes – the cost is fixed. It is projected to save circa 90%

  • Control – the DPS has confidence in the process and is empowered to redact footage themselves, working around their existing responsibilities

  • Flexibility – Identity Cloak enables the DPS to redact any video footage, and the multiple features, such as auto-tracking and full screen blur, provides him with a software which is all encompassing

  • Compliance – Identity Cloak operates on-premise behind the organisations’ firewall, therefore unredacted video never leaves the site, no un-redacted video is leaving the retailers network. This reduces risk and ensures compliance with data privacy laws

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