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Case Studies

Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court

Outside of a court house in the US.
The Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court (CCJC) is the 2nd oldest juvenile court in the United States. With over 500 cameras across its Juvenile Justice Center and satellite offices, the CCJC is capturing thousands of hours of personal data a day.
Posted in: Local government

The challenge

In 2023, the CCJC developed a new security system and procedures, transferring the management from the Sheriffs office to the CCJC itself. As a result, the process of redacting a video also became its responsibility.

As with many Counties across the United States, CCJC has seen an increase in public records requests, especially from news organisations and other media, and by members of staff.

CCJC needed a video redaction tool that would ensure compliance to protect the privacy of its member of staff, the juveniles in its care and the public. It also needed to protect its reputation and avoid fines due to breaches of legislation.

Due to the nature of CCJC business, often the footage includes large groups or busy areas. On average, CCJC is receiving five requests a month, and each video which is shared as a result of these, must comply with data protection laws to protect the personal data of the juveniles, and those not involved, in the footage.

Photo of a body cam attached to someone’s chest.

The solution

CCJC utilises Milestone’s VMS software, and when it ascertained it needed video redaction software, was advised of Facit’s video redaction plug-in, which has been developed to seamlessly work inside the Milestone XProtect Smart Client.

Once the plug-in was installed which took 10 minutes, the Director of Project Management and team began redacting videos in just 30 minutes. This is due to the speed of the software, and the seamless integration into XProtect.

Even in footage with fast moving people and busy environments, the AI-powered software enables the team to complete redactions quickly and complete public records requests on time.

Auto tracking, auto redaction and full screen blur are the modes predominantly used by the team to enable them to redact everyone and comply with data protection laws.

The team has had a good experience with the software, and is looking forward to the ongoing developments and upgrades to make the process even quicker and easier.

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