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Facit Data Systems
Case Studies

Supporting a major grocery retailer to complete every CCTV and bodycam footage request on time

Lady with face redacted.
This retailer wanted to simplify the video redaction process whilst also being GDPR compliant cost-efficient manner.
Posted in: Retail

Originally, this retailer was looking at alternative software providers, or if it could build a programme in-house. After speaking with Facit in 2018, the Data Protection Officer & CCTV Policy Manager was really impressed that everything could be blurred and then an operator unblurs an individual/group, depending on the situation.

Our relationship is really good and we have massively saved on time. At first I had to sell it to the team; they felt it was daunting, particularly as they thought they would have to blur every single individual themselves. But once I showed them how to blur and that it just does a full screen blur and it can track, they were much happier.

Data Protection Officer & CCTV Policy Manager Major Grocery Retailer

With previous third parties, this retailer’s redaction process took up to 3 weeks – Facit’s video redaction software redacts a video clip in a matter of seconds.

It was also important to the retailer that the system was accurate and complied with data protection laws. They have never received a fine from the ICO regarding any of its SARS.

The fact that we deal with it from start to finish, all in house, it just completely reduces that risk.

Data Protection Officer & CCTV Policy Manager Major Grocery Retailer

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