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Facit Data Systems
Facit video analytics product portfolio

Video analytics software for smart buildings and retail

Generate intelligent data and business insights through your existing CCTV network
  • Gather and analyse BI data for better customer experience

  • Understand your customers’ needs and behaviour

  • Increase your operational efficiency and profitability

Line illustration showing various analytics from video including dwell times, wait times and live occupancy.
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We’ve chosen Facit because it can be applied with our existing camera software. Going through our already installed CCTV system was a major plus. That, and working with Waqas who was very flexible with our needs and partnering to best get where we needed to be.

Patrick​ Kramer Senior Property Manager, Brookfield Properties
Our process

Make effective decisions. Keep your business running smoothly.

Our team of experts has worked on dozens of projects for locations with various camera setups and layout limitations.

We’ll help you deploy your video analytics solution without any additional hardware or disruptions to your operations
  • 1


    Share your requirements and have our experts develop a solution to capture necessary data

  • 2


    Have our team review your existing CCTV infrastructure to ensure it supports data capture and your BI goals

  • 3


    Rest assured that your data capture strategy will be fully implemented as we conduct trials to refine it 

  • 4


    Deploy our fully trained AI solution and ensure smooth operations with ongoing maintenance

We use Facit because we know we can rely on the system. It’s cost-effective, and I don't know another company that can count people with a camera from an angle at this level of accuracy.

Headshot of Damian.
Damian Caluzi IT Systems Technology Project Lead, ES Sicherheit

Video analytics software FAQ

Video analytics, or CCTV analytics software, is the process of taking large amounts of data captured on CCTV and turning it into intelligent data. Business can use this to shape its customer experience, enhance its operations and achieve its objectives.

Find out more in our complete guide to video analytics.

Facit’s video analytics solutions use AI and machine learning modelling to analyse behaviour. This BI (business intelligence) is extracted from the CCTV analytics software and compiled into dashboards and reports.

Businesses can then use this to make data backed decisions, increasing operational efficiency and profitability.

Our solutions include Smart Count, Smart Queue, Smart Zone, Trolley Analytics, and Slip and Fall.

There are many ways you can extract more value from installed cameras, including:

  • Improve health and safety monitoring in remote and high-risk environments: In 2019/20, the estimated cost of injuries and ill health from working conditions was £18.8 billion – this can be reduced through video analytics solutions – read more in our blog “Maximise CCTV data to improve health and safety”.

  • Intelligent loss prevention: With the rise in retail shrinkage losses, traditional methods of loss prevention are becoming less effective when used on their own. Through Smart Zone and Trolley Analytics software, this can be reduced – read more in our blog here.

  • Reduce loss of customers due to slow queues: Slow check-out queues directly affect customer loyalty and retailers’ profits, and by implementing technology which effectively monitors queues, you can reduce customer frustration – read more in our blog here.

  • Deliver better efficiencies: Our Smart Count software in a Manhattan residential apartment block tracks how many individuals are in the lobbies and public spaces of residential spaces,  enabling operational teams to have full insight to adjust lighting and heating systems that meet the needs of those in the building. Find out more in our blog “Smart cities: How technology can deliver better efficiencies and improve our quality of life”.

It transforms a business’ operations. Whether its increasing efficiency, saving money or providing a better service to customers or building tenants, video analytics solutions will increase operational efficiency and profitability.

Video analytics uses AI and machine learning to detect patterns, behaviours and events. For example:

The data gathered from analytics will enable businesses to generate intelligent data and business insights, to increase operational efficiency and profitability.

Minimal configuration is required and it is easily scalable across locations.

Facit uses legacy CCTV infrastructure, such as security surveillance equipment. It is a cost-effective solution and is installed remotely - Facit does not need to visit every site and will not disrupt operations.

Once the software has been tested and optimised, it can be quickly deployed to multiple locations, and Facit will ensure smooth operations with ongoing maintenance.

Video analytics provides a variety of opportunities for value for money including:

  • Increasing sales and enhance the customer experience by understanding customers’ behaviour and adapting a facility, such as store, to suit their needs.

  • Increasing operational efficiency and profitability through understanding how a building is performing. Analyse floor-by-floor occupancy to reduce energy bills for tenants, redesign space based on actual occupancy to maximise its use.

  • Reducing theft and prevent trolley pushouts, whilst also tracking usage to understand how many trollies a store needs and managing staff duties to improve access to trollies in peak hours.

Find out more in our blog where we discuss theft reaching record levels and how retailers are turning to intelligent loss prevention technologies.

We can detect objects and persons, but we do not identify and save any personally identifiable information. Our software does not perform any feature based tracking.

Artificial intelligence (AI) analyses behaviour and machine learning evaluates large amounts data. This analysis is combined to solve problems and make recommendations.

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Simple solutions for complex problems

Our experienced team will help you evaluate possible video analytics solutions based on your building floorplan, CCTV camera positions and available hardware. Schedule your consultation today.