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Facit Data Systems

ICO cites video redaction in latest data privacy breach trends

ICO graph showing a range of data security incident types and related trends.
Data security incidents, which are breaches of the seventh data protection principle or personal data breaches reported under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, are a major concern for those affected and a key area of action for the ICO.

The ICO published this information to help organisations understand what they are seeing and help them to take appropriate action.

In the Non-cyber personal data breach reports received, Q4 2018-19, there were 91 reports of “failure to redact.”

Check the data breach trends in full at the ICO website.

Facit Data Systems contacted the ICO to ask about guidelines in relation to SARs and CCTV. The ICO replied: “Individuals have the right to request CCTV footage that identifies them. If there are third parties present you should see our guidance. You should also consider redaction of the third party personal data in order to supply the SAR.”

If you are concerned about breaching CCTV, video and bodycam data privacy regulations, find out more about Facit’s auto-redaction software Identity Cloak.