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Facit Data Systems

GRA publishes CCTV guidelines after concerns over data protection

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority has published new guidelines for the correct use on CCTV systems after it found that “several CCTV operations in Gibraltar which do not comply with data protection laws” and “individual’s privacy is being unreasonably eroded”.

The Commissioner has found that there have been incidents of “unauthorised access to CCTV footage” such as staff snooping, and “unauthorised disclosure or leaks of CCTV footage”.

The document provides good practise guidance for those involved in operating CCTV and other surveillance camera devices.

This will help them to better understand their responsibilities and obligations with regards to data protection when using these systems, the GRA said in a statement issued to the press.

Read this article in full in the Gibraltar Chronicle.

If you have concerns about CCTV data privacy compliance, read about Facit’s auto-redaction software Identity Cloak.