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Facit Data Systems

Privacy Compliance Technology Will Rely More on Artificial Intelligence

Privacy compliance technology will rely more on artificial intelligence.
“The privacy-driven technology market is still emerging,” say Gartner*. In the next three years privacy-driven spending on compliance tooling is expected to rise to $8 billion worldwide.

“Today’s post-GDPR era demands a wide array of technological capabilities,” Gartner continues.

Facit is helping customers in local government, retail, banking and high footfall locations, such as museums, to automate their video data compliance procedures. The results of automation have created significant cost savings, compared with manual processes, and much faster response times.

Privacy has become a deliberate discipline. Companies’ attitudes to customer retention strategies and to legislative compliance have changed in recent years.

Laws such as GDPR have presented a compelling business case for privacy compliance and have led companies to seek efficiencies and auditable proof of compliance.

One of the nuances of new privacy legislation is that data is categorised beyond the personal information historically associated with privacy, such as address, contact and bank account details. Video and dynamic media are classified as data.

Facit’s video redaction software, Identity Cloak, enables users to protect the privacy in video footage of all but the person(s) of interest, by redacting (masking) all identifying characteristics. The process is achieved automatically in minutes, which means that subject access requests (SARs) can be fulfilled in a timely, compliant manner. It also means that third parties, such as the police, receive compliant video evidence fast enough for them to be able to investigate current and recent events effectively.

According to a 2019 Gartner survey, many organisations are not capable of responding quickly to SARs, which can take more than two weeks to fulfil at a cost of approximately $1,400 USD, when executed manually.

At the forefront of a positive privacy user experience is the ability organisations have to handle SARs promptly. SARs cover a set of rights so that individuals can make requests regarding their data and organisations must respond to them in a prescribed period. The speed by which new technology helps to address SARs saves organisations money and generates trust.

The ICO recently published a list of privacy breaches in its Data Security Industry trends. There were 91 incidents of ‘failure to redact’, which means that more progressive operators are now taking proactive steps to meet privacy regulations and SARs.

The success of Identity Cloak automated video redaction as a leading privacy compliance technology has led to its popularity with trusted leading vendors such as Honeywell Marketplace and Milestone Systems, for both of whom it is the redaction solution of choice. Milestone has verified Identity Cloak’s integration with its own enterprise video management system, XProtect.

The climate of heightened data compliance requirements together with a need for fast, accurate technological solutions to meet demands for information, has seen Identity Cloak implemented around the world to help organisations protect infrastructure, staff and customers. Most recently Identity Cloak privacy compliance technology has been deployed in the education sector in the USA, where it helps schools to comply with FERPA, and across retail real estates in the Middle East.

If you have concerns about GDPR compliance, potential fines or high redaction costs, see what Facit’s video redaction software could achieve for you.

*Source: Gartner Press Release, February 2020