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Facit Data Systems
Video analytics solutions

Operations data for retailers and smart building management companies

Track occupancy, optimise venue layout, respond to accidents and more. Through your existing CCTV network.
Line illustration showing various analytics from video including dwell times, wait times and live occupancy.
Chart showing live store occupancy across several locations.


  • Launch unmanned stores

  • Increase sales with optimised product placement

  • Recover lost sales from trolley abandonment

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Prevent trolley pushouts

Graph showing how many people are on each floor at any one time.

Smart Buildings

  • Optimise energy consumption

  • Help tenants use their space more effectively

  • Provide detailed space usage data to prospective tenants

We use Facit because we know we can rely on the system. It’s cost-effective, and I don't know another company that can count people with a camera from an angle at this level of accuracy.

Headshot of Damian.
Damian Caluzi IT Systems Technology Project Lead, ES Sicherheit

Simple solutions for complex problems

Our experienced team will help you evaluate possible video analytics solutions based on your building floorplan, CCTV camera positions and available hardware