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Facit Data Systems
Redaction software

Automatically redact high volumes of document and video files

Complete data requests in-house. Stay fully compliant with data protection laws. Without overwhelming your team.
Illustration depicting video redaction and document redaction software.
Trusted by 80+ organisations across 17 countries
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Video redaction software | Identity Cloak

Automatically redact CCTV, bodycam and dashcam footage

Complete requests in hours, not weeks. No more frame-by-frame editing.
  • Process any file format, including proprietary player formats and analogue footage

  • Automatically redact footage of people in crowded spaces, fast-moving cars or sensitive areas

  • Stay fully compliant with data protection laws by processing data in-house

The application sits within our own network, which ensures that the Trust’s video never leaves our own secure environment.

When we place a video in the application it automatically redacts all the individuals within it, which saves the operator significant time in the preparation of the final output.

Ian Taylor Head of Security, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Document redaction software

Automatically redact up to 90% of personal information

Redact and share files in 15+ formats. Stay compliant with privacy regulations.
  • Prevent data exposure and stay compliant by keeping redaction in-house

  • Automatically redact personal information in files, email chains and attachments

  • Mitigate compliance risks with a built-in audit trail, while keeping original documents intact

Sometimes we are talking tens of thousands of emails to redact for one DSAR, which is a big challenge and a big task. However, we can simply drop data into Facit’s document redaction software where we can redact by keyword very quickly.

Data Protection Officer & CCTV Policy Manager Major Grocery Retailer