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Facit Data Systems

Large percentage of companies failing ICO’s DSAR deadline

A lock labelled “GDPR” on a keyboard.
How are you coping with the surge in data subject access requests? (DSARs)

In 2021, only 39% of DSARs were completed within the 30-day deadline. Several factors have contributed to a massive spike in DSARs.

The public has become far more informed about privacy rights since the introduction of GDPR in 2018 and the pandemic caused a spike owing to the number of furloughs and redundancies, and natural concern among employees and the public at large.

Additionally, there has been a shift in DSAR requester profiles. Today, the majority of DSARs are initiated by law firms and insurance companies who initiate DSARs as the first stage of their Discovery and Claims processes.

More than half of DSARs fail the ICO’s 30-day deadline.

In 2020, less than half (48%) of DSARs were completed within the statutory 30 days. In 2021, the completion percentage dropped and only 39% of requests were completed within 30 days.

Organisations increasingly struggle to meet DSAR deadlines.

The result of what has become an avalanche of DSARs is that Compliance Officers and their teams are increasingly at risk of not only of failing to meet deadlines, but also failing to meet strict data redaction (data masking) requirements.

Are you struggling to redact third party data in documents comprising thousands of emails, attachments, MS Office documents and spreadsheets?

The problem for Compliance teams is that DSAR information frequently takes many formats and is held in multiple locations. Wrangling DSAR information poses one challenge, while locating text that requires redaction poses yet another challenge.

61% of companies fail ICO deadlines.

Perhaps the biggest concern for any Compliance Officer is: Is the text I have redacted truly deleted and irreversibly redacted?

Facit helps organisations worldwide to automate complex document data redaction. Facit Data Redaction goes beyond masking sensitive data: Facit removes problematic data in seconds so that organisations can meet tight deadlines with 0% risk of a privacy breach.