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Facit Data Systems

CCTV video redaction software for public spaces

CCTV cameras capture people’s identity, which presents a data privacy problem

CCTV video redaction software for public spaces is needed because the UK has around 6 million CCTV cameras in operation – or one camera for every eleven people – many of which are deployed to prevent crime in public spaces. There has been much discussion about the nature of people’s rights as privacy plays a crucial role in the exercise of many other rights, such as freedom of expression, association and religion.

Facit’s Video Redaction Software, Identity Cloak, can help you redact your CCTV footage in public spaces in four fast steps.

Average processing time: 30 minutes

We’ve processed over 7,000 videos for our customers. On recommended hardware, it takes them 30 minutes or less to redact one video file.
  • 1

    Import and trim footage

  • 2

    Set up redaction settings

  • 3

    Run autotracking

  • 4

    Review redacted footage and export

CCTV video redaction software for public spaces is becoming a number one priority.

Any CCTV system that monitors or records the activities of individuals constitutes the processing of personal data under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Local Council post fair processing policies, such as this typical example from The City of Westminster. Right alongside are subject access request (SAR) forms for anyone who wants to know what personal data is kept and how it is used.

When preparing data for disclosure arising from a SAR you must ensure that you do not disclose the personal data of any third parties. In the case of video, this requires the blurring (redaction) of parts of the footage such as faces and licence plates.

Under GDPR, the information must be provided to the data subject free of charge and the footage must be supplied within 30 days of the request. 

Identity Cloak the CCTV video redaction software for public spaces enables local councils to mask the identities of all but the data subject and/or persons of interest in minutes. Our auto redaction software provides the ideal solution to meet strict deadlines and reduce the high costs of outsourced editing services or lengthy manual processes.

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